Navigating the Seasons: A Guide to Optimal Timing for Outdoor Railing Installation

"Navigating the Seasons: A Guide to Optimal Timing for Outdoor Railing Installation"


For those living up North we are all too familiar with the way the seasons affect our daily activities, projects and so forth. Whether it be a lack of hockey games in the summer or putting off an important home improvement project until winter passes, we know this feeling all too well. Luckily, when it comes to installing Brozko Inc railings outdoors, most mounting options are available year-round! (Which means no more delay in important plans!)


Check out the list of mounting types and deck material our railings can get mounted into:

Deck/Base Material

Wood πŸ‘

Trex πŸ‘

Metal πŸ‘



Mounting Type

Surface Mount πŸ‘

Side Mount πŸ‘

Core Drill


πŸ‘- Can mount all year round regardless of outside temperatures

The only mounting options with specific temperature considerations are core drilling into concrete or sod.



Understanding Temperature Dependencies:Β 


Question: Why Can’t My Railings Be Core Drilled Into Concrete and Raw Earth year-round?



During freezing temperatures it can be very labor intensive and time consuming to thaw out the sod with a heat gun. It can be difficult to ensure the concrete that is poured back into the core drilled hole is setting up at the proper rate. This can affect the integrity of the product significantly.



If your project involves core drilling and falls within the colder months, fear not. We closely monitor weather conditions and temperatures, identifying suitable installation windows. While this may impact lead times, rest assured, we prioritize finding the best solution for your project's timeline and mounting requirements.


With year-round possibilities for most materials, you can plan your project without worrying about seasonal constraints. Trust us to navigate the nuances of weather-related challenges, ensuring a seamless and reliable railing installation experience tailored to your specific needs.


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